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Think Again Book Details

The first thing that usually comes to our mind when people think about how to be mentally fit is intelligence. A smarter person can solve complex problems faster than an ordinary person.

A common definition of intelligence refers to one’s ability to analyze and solve problems. In this turbulent world, it is also important to be able to rethink and unlearn.

Think Again PDF” by Adam Grant inspires us to let go of knowledge and opinions that hold us back. The flexibility of your sense of self is more important than the consistency.


Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know


Publication Date

February 2, 2021


Business Motivation & Self-Improvement





Total Pages


Audiobook Duration

6 hours and 40 minutes


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Who is Adam Grant? – Author Details

Adam Grant has been an organizational psychologist at Wharton College for the last seven years. One of the most popular speakers on TED, his books have sold millions of copies.

More than 25 million people have watched The Talks of Adam Grant, and the podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant has topped the charts.

His name has been included among Fortune’s top 40 under 40 and among the world’s top ten management thinkers.

His scientific achievements have been recognized by the American Psychological Association and National Science Foundation.

He lives with his wife and three children in Philadelphia. Adam holds a BA from Harvard as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Author Views On Think Again Book 

Think Again Book Summary

There are three main parts in this book, the first is individual re-thinking, the second is interpersonal thinking, and the third is collective re-thinking. 

Author adam says, he likes to use his own challenge network when writing a book. He asks his most thoughtful critics to go through each chapter of the book and give feedback. 

In fact, there’s even evidence that the admin has done this. The acknowledgment, section shows the book was improved by many people. There is no doubt that this book was written with love. 

This book is designed for those who wish to rethink at the individual level or at the collective level or to assist others in rethinking. 

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This book is especially appealing to those who are analytical in nature and love to rethink everything including their own thoughts, and rethink all that they have previously thought!

This book presents ideas for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and others in a way that is easy to understand. It is also beneficial for individuals of all ages, generally, just anyone who is an open mind.  

This is the first time I’ve read a book on rethinking, although I’ve read more than a hundred self-help books. You will see many concepts are explained through graphs! If you come from a scientific background, you will love it! The graphs are super cool.

Several great stories are included, including two from NASA. Whenever it comes to space exploration and space station, stories involving astronauts and spacecraft always fascinate us. 

In the final chapters of this book, you’ll find a short summary of all the main points of the book which I refer to as Action for Impact. 

Practical application is the key to self-help books. If it just motivates you or makes you feel good, then what is the point of reading it? 

If you don’t have the time to read the entire book, reviewing these actions at the end of the book may still be worthwhile. One thing I did not like about the book was the way the author wrote the conclusion at the end. however, it is so minor I would still give the book 5 stars.

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Individual Rethinking

This book will help you get rid of information and opinions that no longer serve you, and you should also be able to maintain a sense of flexibility instead of consistency.  

The majority of us are proud of the knowledge and expertise we have acquired over time. which makes sense in a world where ideas are rewarded for their conviction. however, we now live in a rapidly changing world where rethinking takes just as much energy as thinking. 

Rethinking is not just a skill set it’s a mindset as well. many people prefer to hold on to old views over the difficulty of grappling with new ones.

“We favor the comfort of conviction over the discomfort of doubt.” 

It is funny to us that people still use Windows 95, yet we still hold onto opinions formed in 1995.  

People usually listen to ideas that make them feel good, and not to those that make them think deeply. By questioning ourselves, we make the world more unpredictable. 

Whenever we look back at previous facts, it may become apparent that some aspects of the past have changed. Thinking about something we believe deeply can threaten our identity, making us uncomfortable. We feel as if we’re losing something.  

When we think and speak, Adam says that we may find ourselves in the mindset of a preacher or a prosecutor, or a politician. The risk is that people get so caught up in preaching their own views instead of listening to others’ arguments that they fail to think about their own views. 

Adam suggests we act more like a scientist instead of becoming a preacher, prosecutor, or politician. For scientists, the importance of rethinking is a fundamental component of their profession.

The goal is to question and seek to understand what you don’t know and adjust your viewpoints as you acquire new knowledge. However, being a scientist is not only a profession, it’s a frame of mind, a way of thinking that goes contrary to preaching, prosecuting, or politics. 

Interpersonal Rethinking

As Adam Grant is a psychologist who works exclusively in organizations, this book will teach you plenty of interesting things about psychology.

For instance, the dunning-Kruger effect would tell us that our confidence is most likely to be inflated when we’re lacking competence. There are some people like that! One of the first rules of the Dunning Kruger club is that you don’t know you’re a member of the club. 

One concept in psychology you will relate to is called a motivational interview, also referred to as persuasive listening. These are techniques used to change the mind of a person. Often listening is more influential than talking when we’re trying to get other people to share our points of view.

What do you need to do to give people an opportunity to articulate their own views and discover why they want to change? It’s better to go with more questions than statements. The first step in motivational interviews is to demonstrate humility and curiosity. 

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We don’t know what motivates someone to change, but we really want to find out. The goal is not to instruct others, but rather to help them break out of overconfidence cycles and see new possibilities.

We can act as a mirror enabling them to see things more clearly, by encouraging them to examine their beliefs and behaviors.

In this way, people can approach their own views with greater scientific rigor, by rethinking. However, one should not use this method for manipulative purposes. 

Collective Rethinking

People can backfire on you when they detect your attempt to influence them. It’s important to have a genuine desire to help someone reach their goals when conducting motivational interviews.

The story about the vaccine whisperer is one I like the most since it is the story of an interviewer who convinces a mother to vaccinate her child. That woman came from an anti-vaxxer village and was opposed to vaccination.

Her views on vaccination were changed because the vaccine whisperer did not speak logically, or offer any facts or arguments, but listened intently and inquired about her reasons for not vaccinating.  

Parents need to note that they should never ask their children what they want to be when they grow up. They do not need to describe themselves in terms of a career.

Single identities can make it hard to consider alternatives. Help them broaden their options, instead of trying to narrow them down. Instead of focusing on one thing only, they can explore unlimited possibilities and do many things.

In this book, there are a lot of gems of wisdom that I could not include in this article.

Why You Should Read Think Again Book?

Think Again PDF’ is a masterpiece that includes a rich set of research and stories on the merits of challenging your own ideas and behavior.

We need to renew our opinions and assumptions just as we renew our wardrobes. Is our belief system compatible with the new evidence? Is it still helpful or does it block our thinking? Why do we feel so mentally lazy and stiff sometimes? How can we broaden our horizons in order to embrace new ways of thinking?

The author provides us with fascinating evidence and examples from diverse areas of daily life in an effort to motivate us to become more flexible and open-minded.

Where I Can Download Think Again PDF, Audiobook Free?

Think Again Book is available in Paperback, PDF (e-book), and audiobook formats.

Considering the length of the book (320 pages), it will take a good amount of time to complete it. Audiobooks are a better choice for readers who want to complete the book quickly.

You can read or listen to the audiobook completely FREE in the following places. 


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