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The 10X Rule


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April 26th 2011


Self-Development, Motivational





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7 hrs and 24 mins 


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This book is written by the famous Grant Cardone who has five businesses and a multi-million dollar fortune. Before building a big empire he used to be addicted to drugs and deep in debt.

Single advice from her mother change his perception of life. As per the interview given in CNBC, Grant reiterates her mother’s statement “The best investment you will ever make is in yourself.  It’s a no-lose deal.

It will always give you a return. Nobody can take it from you. It’s yours”. At the age of 25, he was doing a job at a car dealership and started to take action on her mom’s advice.

He learned sales techniques from different sources and improving his salesperson skills. Slowly he begins seeing some results and started making money from $3,000 to $ 6,000 a month. By the age of 30, he was a successful entrepreneur who achieves the first million. 

The 10X Rule PDF Summary

If you are someone who wants to achieve great success in your business, life, and spiritual life then this book is for you. Whatever goal you have in your life, you have to multiply your efforts to 10x for achieving it. By doing so you will understand how much time and effort it will take to accomplish it. Right thinking for mindset is important to reach your goal. This book teaches us the exact mindset and efforts we need to have while working towards our goal.

We as humans do not reach our full potential because we do not set big enough goals for ourselves. Taking massive action and effort can only help you to be successful in your long-term goal.

The book contains 22 chapters. We will try to cover the overall summary of the book and what message the author wants to convey.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction What is the 10X Rule?

The 10X Rule is nothing but following the right mindset and 10 times more effort to complete your goal. You can follow this approach in every part of your life like mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial.

CHAPTER 2: Why the 10X Rule Is Essential?

Instead of reducing the target, increase the actions. Even a goal is difficult to achieve, you need to make extra efforts and have the right mindset to accomplish it.

CHAPTER 3: What Is Success?

Everyone has a different definition when we talk about success. However, after achieving success having the right mindset can help you maintain it for a longer period.

CHAPTER 4: Success Is Your Duty

Success comes to those people who take action. Regardless of how seemingly insignificant they are and regardless of when they were taken.

CHAPTER 5: There Is No Shortage of Success

Success is not a limited resource that can run out. Success will continue to thrive for as long as there are people who possess no limits with regards to their ideas, creativity, ingenuity, talent, intelligence, originality, persistence, and determination.

CHAPTER 6: Assume Control for Everything

Big action is not possible unless you take on responsibility. To succeed in life, you must adopt the perspective that whatever happens or doesn’t happen to you is the result of your actions. As mentioned in other books, success is not a journey but is constant and responsible.
You can not say success is a journey as mentioned in books and that other people say. Rather it is a constant and a responsibility.

CHAPTER 7: Four Degrees of Action

What is more important in creating success are disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions rather than other factors. MAssive actions need to take when you create new problems for yourself and other people start criticizing you.

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CHAPTER 8: Average Is a Failing Formula

Frequently, people exaggerate how smoothly everything will go and then low-ball how much effort and energy it will take to push things through to completion.

CHAPTER 9: 10X Goals

A primary and major reason why people can’t achieve their goal and fail in the process because they don’t set them high enough initially.
Writing down your goal every day to make sure to keep you on track. Also, most people underestimate their potential and fail to set a proper target for them. If you set goals that are too small, you’ll never encourage yourself to take massive action.

CHAPTER 10: Competition Is for Sissies

Rather than trying to go toe-to-toe with someone else, you should focus all your energy on dominating your sector so you never have to worry about fighting someone else. Work smarter, not harder. Find the right solution to a problem, and be the only one who can deliver it.

CHAPTER 11: Breaking Out of the Middle Class

In most cases, being middle class is defined as having a secure job with a fair income, secure health care, a nice home in a comfortable neighborhood, and the ability to provide educational opportunities for their children.

CHAPTER 12: Obsession Isn’t a Disease, It’s a Gift

10X Rule can be only implemented by taking every action must be followed up by an obsession to ensure its success. If you want to take 10X actions you need to stay highly motivated every day. Always make obsessions acceptable; never discourage being obsessed.

CHAPTER 13: Go “All In” and Overcommit

People are taught not to risk it all because it’s safer to play it safe.
You can go “all in” multiple times with your energy since you can continue to do so even if you fail. Successful individuals work to solve problems, whereas unsuccessful people prefer to evade problems as much as they can.

CHAPTER 14: Expand—Never Contract

Companies that don’t think about the expansion can never dominate the sector. It is the main reason for failure for most companies. An offensive mindset restricts the company’s growth and revenue in the future.

CHAPTER 15: Burn the Place Down

Don’t rest, and don’t stop — ever.

CHAPTER 16: Fear Is the Great Indicator

Last-minute preparation leads to only being fearful.
You need to focus on preparing better earlier, and when any resistance comes your way, you need to face it and act on it. Fear encourages us to do what we are afraid of doing right now. Don’t build fear by waiting and allowing it to grow.

CHAPTER 17: The Myth of Time Management

You don’t need to worry about time management or being in balance. Rather, focus on abundance.
Time management is nothing but knowing your priorities clearly and balancing it well. Successful people work at such a high rate that the work is rewarding in itself, whereas most people don’t work enough that it feels arduous.

CHAPTER 18: Criticism Is a Sign of Success

The best way to improve is to get constructive criticism; therefore, you should expect that you’ll be criticized once you achieve some level of success. When you start producing success by taking the right action, there’s often lots of criticism to deal with.

CHAPTER 19: Customer Satisfaction Is the Wrong Target

The real problem is not customer satisfaction, but the fact that people who don’t know your business exists and people who don’t buy your products. Acquiring customers is more important than satisfying customers. Customer complaints should be addressed and solved.

CHAPTER 20: Omnipresence

True success cannot be achieved without thinking in terms of a universal reach.
It is important for the business that people see you frequently so they think of you constantly and acknowledge your logo instantly and associates it not just with the service your business offers but even the offerings made by businesses that resemble yours.

CHAPTER 21: Excuses

It is never an excuse for anything you did or didn’t do. They’re just an attempt to justify that which you made up to help yourself feel better. Excusing yourself will not change your situation. Fixing the cause of it is what will.

CHAPTER 22: Successful or Unsuccessful?

There is only one way to succeed, and that is to replicate what successful people do. Success is treated no differently than any other ability. Be effective by copying the actions and mindsets of successful people, and you will achieve your goals.

  • Have a “Can Do” Attitude
  • Believe That “I Will Figure It Out
  • Focus on Opportunity
  • Love challenges
  • Seek to Solve Problems
  • Persist until successful
  • Take Risks
  • Be Unreasonable
  • Be Uncomfortable
  • Focus on Now
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Highly Ethical
  • Create Your Own Reality
  • Be Goal-Oriented
  • Have a High Level of Motivation
  • Go All the Way
  • Habitually Commit
  • Always Say “Yes”
  • Readily Take Action
  • Embrace Change

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