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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Summary & PDF, Audiobook FREE: By Mark Haddon

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Book Details


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


Publication Date

May 18, 2004


Classic Literature & Fiction, Family Life Fiction





Total Pages


Audiobook Duration

6 hours and 2 minutes  


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time PDF“. Haddon intended to create an ‘engrossing’ picture that would remain in readers’ minds. As he continued to think about the image of the dog sticking out of the fork, the voice of the narrator appeared to him. This book, which was published in 2003, has been nominated for more than 17 literary awards. Furthermore, the book has received nominations for the Whitbread Book of the Year Award, sold over 10 million copies, and earned over £14 million in 2004 alone.

Mark Haddon – Author Details

Originally from Northampton, Mark Haddon was born in 1962. He was a graduate of Oxford University in 1981 and then continued his education at Edinburgh University, achieving an M.Sc. in English Literature.

Later, he worked with mentally disabled and physically challenged people, including children. Other works include illustrations and cartoons for magazines and newspapers, including commentary in The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Spectator. He has taught creative writing at the Arvon Foundation and Oxford University.

A few years later, he published his first book for children, Gilbert’s Gobstopper, followed by more than one hundred other books with illustrations. 

Some of them include the “Agent Z” and “Baby Dinosaurs” series. His work for television projects began in 1996, when he created and wrote several episodes of the Microsoap, which won him two British Academy Film and Television Awards.

In 2005, he published his first poetry collection, The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl, and the Village Under the Sea. Some of his latest books include the best sellers Boom! (2009), The Red House (2012), The Pier Falls (2016), and The Porpoise (2019).

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Character List

Christopher John Francis Boone

The main character in this novel. Christopher, a fifteen-year-old mathematical genius, is socially unacceptable and unable to communicate with others because of his apparent autism.

His view of the world is primarily abstract; he categorizes his life experiences in an extreme series of likes and dislikes.

He has always been fascinated by logic and order, which is why the mystery surrounding Wellington’s murder is an appealing puzzle to him. He lives at 36 Randolph Street with his father and his pet rat Toby.

Christopher’s father (Ed Boone)

Christopher’s father is a single man so he prepares meals in the morning and ensures that his every need is met. In time, Christopher will discover more about himself than he had kept hidden for so long. Father owns a plumbing and heating business.

Christopher’s mother (Judy Boone)

Before the book begins, Christopher believes she suffered a heart attack and died. Remembered for her loving, yet impatient and volatile personality. She sometimes felt overburdened by having to care for her troubled son.

Mrs. Shears (Eileen Shears)

The Boones’ neighbor. The ex-wife of Roger Shears is Eileen Shears. After his mother’s death, Christopher recalls her cooking meals for him and playing scrabble. Her tragic storyline revolves around the death of for dog.

Mr. Shears (Roger Shears)

A former husband of Eileen Shears and he used to work in town at a bank, but two years ago moved to London abruptly, and started behind leaving Mrs. Shears house.

Christopher suspects him of being involved in Wellington’s killing due to his mysterious nature.


Christopher’s primary school teacher. In addition to his academic skills, she strives to develop Christopher’s social skills.

Mrs. Alexander

An elderly person residing on Randolph Street. Mr. Alexander is known for his kind nature, living a quiet existence alongside his private garden and his pet dachshund, Ivor.

Because Christopher resembles her grandson, she displays grandmotherly tendencies toward him. In her discussions with Christopher, she reveals important details regarding the affairs of his father and mother.


Black dog owned by Mrs. Shears. After a major operation left him restless and occasionally violent. The opening scene of the novel shows him dead with a garden pitchfork into his side.


Christopher owns this brown and white pet rat as a pet. Toby is also Christopher’s best friend, so he sees him as part of the family. In this journey to London, he becomes Christopher’s sole companion.

Mr. Jeavons

Christopher’s psychologist and a middle-aged man.


He was a coworker of his father’s. He is a stale and smelly man. A person who continuously prods Christopher by asking him challenging math questions for fun.


A person who taught Christopher in primary school.

Uncle Terry

Ed Boone’s brother and works in a factory in Sunderland.

Reverend Peters

The husband of Mrs. Peters. Hence, he plays a key role in deciding Christopher’s future as he agrees to be the invigilator during Christopher’s examination of A-level maths.

Mrs. Gascoyne

Chris’s school principal. Christopher is permitted to take his A-level math exam, despite her skepticism about his abilities.

Mr. Thompson

A Randolph Street resident. Mr. Thompson was interviewed as part of Christopher’s investigation.

Mr. Wise

An interviewee who lives in Christopher’s block and takes care of his mother, who is disabled.

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Book Summary

 15-year-old Christopher Boone is someone who experiences the world in a way that is different from the way most people do. Prime numbers are his favorite numbers (that is why each chapter of the book contains only prime numbers). Further, he doesn’t like to be touched and doesn’t understand facial expressions.

One day, he found the dead dog of his neighbor in her yard. An ordinary garden fork was used to stab the dog. After seeing Christopher with the dog, Mrs. Shears immediately calls the police, believing that he killed the dog.

Christopher shuts down mentally at the sight of the policeman questioning him. Christopher doesn’t cooperate and the policeman grabs his arm.

The police officer is arrested for assault after Christopher hits him. He was taken to the police station and locked up in a cell.

His cell is a perfect cube, so Christopher likes it. He excels most at math and science because they are logical and all other activities are illogical in the eyes of Christopher. Chris decides to hunt down the person who killed his dog after coming out of his prison.

In response, Christopher’s father told him to stay out of the matter. His teacher, Siobhan, has advised Christopher to write a book about the mysterious death of a dog.

In order to write his book, Christopher must overcome his fear of strangers. To gather evidence, he goes to the neighbors, hoping one of them would have information about who killed the dog.

Christopher’s mother passed away from a heart attack two years ago. Although Christopher was forbidden from attending her funeral, his father informed him of her death.

After Christopher’s mother died, Mrs. Shears visited him frequently, and she eventually started spending the night at his home. He liked this because she cooked for him and cleaned for his father. During about the same period when Christopher’s mother died, Mrs. Shears’ husband fled from her.

The dog was killed by a garden fork which Christopher tries to look closely for in Mrs. Shear’s shed. The moment a fork is found, Mrs. Shears said Christopher to leave or she will call the police. When she calls Christopher’s father he tells Christopher he should stop looking into the dog’s death.

He begins preparing for his A-level maths exam. Her headmistress allows him to do so after some discussion. At Christopher’s school, this assessment is unique because it is designed for students with disabilities. Christopher came to this school because of his behavioral issues.

Among Christopher’s neighbors, Mrs. Alexander told her about the dog. One day, when she comes into a shop and sees Christopher, she is surprised to hear his mother has died.

Moreover, Christopher let her know that his father will not allow Mr. Shear’s name to be discussed in their home. She told Christopher that his father has never trusted him because of the affair between his mother and Mr. Shears. Additionally, she tells Christopher not to speak to his father about her affair.

Christopher describes the affair in his novel, which his father finds in the kitchen. He gets upset and argued with Christopher.

He throws away the book after the argument. Christopher finds the book in a box in his father’s closet. The box also contains a letter addressed to him. The letter is written to him by his deceased mother, so he is confused.

Later, he finds the box contains forty-three personal letters written by his mother to him. At that time he realizes his mother is alive in London and living with Mr. Shears. It makes him sick to find out that his father lied to him. He finds out Christopher knows the truth.

As a way to restore Christopher’s trust, his father offers to never lie to him again. His father confessed to murdering Mrs. Shears’ dog to show Christopher he would never lie again. He killed the dog in anger because Mrs. Shears had refused to live with him.

Christopher is deeply upset by the news and believes if his father can kill a dog, then he can kill him as well. The only option he feels is safe is to escape and live with his mother.

He plans to take a train to London. Despite having his father and the police looking for him, Christopher manages to escapes.

Despite his fear, Christopher makes his way to his mom’s apartment. Christopher’s mother is delighted to have him back home, but Mr. Shears, her boyfriend, finds it uncomfortable that Christopher is living with them.

After the clash between Christopher’s mother and Mr. Shears, along with the treatment he shows him, she decides to take Christopher back to Swindon to live.

Despite the fact that Christopher’s father tries to regain his trust there, he is frightened by him. In the meantime, they live in the house until she finds a job and moves them into boarding houses.

As time goes on, Christopher began to trust his father more and their bond begins to heal. Christopher is satisfied that he found his mother and solved the mystery of the dead dog.

Throughout the book, readers will gain insight into the world of someone who has a behavior problem. People can accomplish their dreams regardless of abilities or challenges.

Christopher is a man that continues to find his way in life while achieving his dreams on his own terms.



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