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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Book Details

Children will enjoy the “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark PDF book, which includes three short horror stories. Stephen Gammell originally illustrated the story and it was written by Alvin Schwartz.  

The story has been published in multiple editions, including “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” in 1981, “More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” in 1984, and “Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones” in 1991.

The three volumes of this book contain countless horror stories. Alvin researched widely and wrote every novel for over a year, with a strong focus on urban legends and folklore.

In 1981, the first book was published, and the volumes have since been collected into box sets and single volumes.

You can also get a copy of each book as an audiobook, read by George S. Irving. Collectively, more than seven million copies of these books have been sold in 2017. Many of these books were on best-seller lists. 


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Alvin Schwartz – Author Details

An American comic book writer, Schwartz was born on November 17, 1916, and died on October 28, 2011. He is best remembered for the Batman books and Superman stories he wrote.

His works include novels, poems, and essays. Alvin made his comics debut in Fairy Tale Parade in 1939. Afterward, He continued to write for Sheldon Mayer, for All-American Publications. In addition, he wrote stories for National Comics as well as DC Comics.

Batman’s first story was written by Schwartz in 1942, and Superman’s story in 1944. He contributed stories for Captain Marvel while he was working at the rival comics publisher Fawcett Comics.

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Schwartz wrote comic-book scripts for countless superheroes before he ended his association with DC in 1958. A list of superheroes includes Wonder Woman, the Newsboy Legion, Vigilante, Aquaman, Slam Bradley, the Green Lantern, Flash, and Tomahawk.

Buzzy, A Date with Judy, and House of Mystery are some of the comics he wrote. 

One of Schwartz’s novels, Sword of Desire, has received praise for its adaptation of Wilhelm Reich’s orgone therapy. The Blowtop, written by him in 1948, became one of the bestselling novels in France.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Summary

An amazing horror story centered around three teenagers who witness a series of deaths around them and do not understand how to prevent death, “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark PDF” is an epic horror epic to read.

This story takes place in 1967 in Mill Valley, a small American community. The history of this local area includes the abandoned Bellow’s family mansion – related to the unexpected death of the girl Sarah Bellows. 

During the Halloween of 1968, Stella, Auggie, and Chuck played a prank on Tommy Milner. As a means of getting revenge, Tommy and his gang chase them, and the three are forced to hide in a drive-in cinema inside Ramón’s car.

They invite Ramón to explore the haunted Bellows House. In the house, they found a horror storybook written by a woman(Sarah Bellows) who had apparently committed suicide.

As Tommy followed the group, he locked them together with Ruth, Chuck’s sister, in the house. After escaping, Sarah’s book is taken by Stella.

A new story titled “Harold” appears in Stella’s book while she is reading Sarah’s book. 

On the other hand, in reality, a drunken Tommy is chased by Harold, his family’s scarecrow. Tommy gets stabbed repeatedly by the creature with a pitchfork. In return, he threw up hay and suffered a violent transformation.

Tommy goes missing later. Harold is found dressed in Tommy’s clothes by Ramón and Stella. Although Stella assures the others that Tommy has become a scarecrow, the others aren’t convinced.

Another story with Auggie as the main character appears the next night. He was warned about the monster by the pair. The zombie pulls Auggie under his bed, and he disappears. After they realize they will be next, the remaining friends attempt to destroy the book.

They tried but failed, so they started looking into Sarah’s life to figure out a solution. The next story appeared in the book with the title, “The Red Spot”.

Ruth notices that her cheek is swollen due to an inflamed spider bite. When it finally burst, it released hundreds of tiny spiders. Ruth was rescued, but left traumatized and ended up in a mental institution.

They are taken to a local hospital as part of their investigation. They discover that Sarah’s brother used electroshock therapy on her and covered it up.

The mill had been contaminating the water of the town with mercury. Sarah was tortured by her family after revealing the truth, and she was blamed for her deed. 

When Chuck gets to the hospital he is attacked by Pale Lady. A police chief approaches Stella and Ramón and arrests them for trespassing. 

In revealing his fear to Stella, Ramón revealed that his brother enlisted. Suddenly, Turner’s dog appears to be acting strangely. Ramón knows that the Jangly Man is the next creature. 

The story about the monster he heard while growing up in his childhood frightened him. Before killing Ramón, the Jangly Man breaks Turner’s neck and killed him. 

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Ramón and Stella are saved, and Ramón drives Turner’s car to get away from the creature. In the meantime, Stella has gone to the Bellow’s house in order to stop Sarah’s actions.

Ultimately, the Jangly Man ends up smashing into the grill of a car while chasing Ramon. Ramon gets out of his car and runs to Bellow’s house, where he hides on the floor from the Jangly Man.

A young Lou Lou Baptiste hides Stella under a table while she is taken back in time, but Stella is almost immediately found. 

Experiencing part of Sarah’s torture due to her familial abuse. Stella promises Sarah’s ghost that she will reveal the truth of Sarah’s life and how innocent she was. But, she should never hurt people with her stories.

As she writes the true story down in blood, Sarah and the Jangly Man vanish along with all of the previous monsters. She fulfilled her promise by writing the truth about Sarah’s life in the newspaper for her town.

Ruth is rescued by Stella and her father and returns home and also rescues Chuck and Auggie at the very end of the film.


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