Money Master The Game PDF, Summary, Audiobook (By Tony Robbins) Free Download Details

Money Master The Game PDF, Summary, Audiobook (By Tony Robbins) Free Download Details

Money Master The Game is one of those books you read, and say, ‘Wow! This is a Game changer!’

Money Master The Game PDF is an investment guide designed to help you understand and master the game of money. It shows you how to create wealth in a simple, easy-to-follow manner, without all the jargon and complexity.

In today’s economic climate, everyone wants to make more money. However, many people have no idea what strategies work best in order to do so.

We all have spent a lot of time reading about ways to increase our personal and business wealth but still feel like a total fish out of water.

It is quite common for people to focus on the wrong areas when it comes to making money. The good news is that there are actually quite a few different ways to increase your earnings. You just have to know where to look.

Money Master The Game is the Roadmap to Financial Independence. This book teaches you how to achieve your life goals by following a 7-step strategy for achieving financial freedom, regardless of your income level.


Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom  


Tony Robbins

Publication Date

March 29, 2016


Business, Finance & Money Management,

Habit & Self-Help





Total Pages


Audiobook Duration

21 hours & 3 minutes


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What is “Money Master The Game” about?

In Money Master The Game, Tony Robbins gives you a roadmap to financial freedom. He explains in straightforward, simple language how to take control of your money so you can live the life you really want.

You’ll learn the secrets of how the rich do it, and how anyone can achieve their own financial freedom.

This book is about achieving financial independence, and it shows you how.

Who is the author of the book Money Master The Game?

Tony Robbins is the author of Money Master the game. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author on the New York Times bestseller list, philanthropist, and the nation’s leading life and business strategist.

His audio programs, instructive films, and live seminars have given him the opportunity to inspire more than 50 million people from more than 100 countries around the world. Mr. Robbins is involved with more than a hundred privately held companies with annual revenue in excess of $7 billion.

Money Master the Game was created by interviewing some of the world’s most successful investors today. This book discusses Warren Buffet’s thinking and finest investing ideas, as well as those of John Bogle, Peter Lynch, George Soros, and Jim Rogers.

The book’s goal is to teach readers how to plan and invest in order to generate money and achieve economic independence.

You can also watch his interview on Money Master The Game Book to know more

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Who is the Money Master The Game Book For?

Anyone who wishes to better their financial situation can benefit from The Money Master The Game Book. It’s for people who want to get out of debt and have a solid financial future.

It is intended for those who wish to live within their means while yet accumulating wealth. It’s for folks who want to have more fun with their money and make long-term investments.

It is intended for people who are just getting started in investing as well as those who wish to retire early. Anyone who is unhappy with their existing financial condition or who wants to make changes in their financial situation might benefit from this book. It’s for those who want to get out of debt and start saving, and for those who are already financially independent.

It’s for everyone. No matter who you are, where you’re at, or what your financial situation is, the Money Master The Game Book is the best investment you’ll ever make.

What is the Money Master The Game Book Summary

Step 1: Make The Most Important Financial Decision Of Your Life

Saving 10% of your income can be very helpful, but the most important financial decision you can make is to save as much as possible.

You don’t have to wait until you retire to start saving. You can start saving as soon as you get a job. If you begin saving early in life, you will have a higher rate of return than if you wait until later.

The first thing that you need to do is to create a plan. Create a budget and stick to it.

If you save a small amount every month, you’ll be surprised to see how much you have accumulated over the years. This is because the compounding interest you earn on your money will be added to your principal, which will make your savings grow faster.

There are many ways to save money. You can put your money in a high-interest savings account. You can also invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. These are just some of the ways to save money.

If you find it difficult to save, you can set it up to save automatically. You can also make a commitment to save only 3% of your income initially, but increase your investment levels as your income increases.

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Step 2: Become The Insider: Know The Rules Before You Get In The Game

In this lesson, Robin talks about 9 myths about money that people don’t understand.


The first rule of money is to never enter a game you don’t understand. Many of us fall victim to marketing schemes and invest money before we even know the regulations. As an example, those who invest in active funds need to be aware of the risks they take because selecting a decent fund can resemble the odds of a casino game.

The fund will charge a lot of money even if the investor doesn’t make money from the fund. According to Robbins, investing in low-risk index funds makes it easier and more advantageous to do so.


The cost of buying a nice car or house always goes over what you think it will. This is true for investing, too. We feel betrayed and cheated when most companies charge us extra fees that we didn’t know about.

Corporate terms like trading costs, asset management fees, redemption fees, soft-dollar costs, and more are used to make people think they don’t understand. But this is an interesting book stat: Each fund has $1,000 in it. Fees for each fund range from 1% to 3%. you will have: It costs $7,612 to pay 1 percent in fees.

A 2% fee costs $5,743.

A 3% end up sharing of $4,322


This is a myth, exactly like the second one with the hidden fees. The issue is that we don’t receive the returns promised by the companies. So, why? Some companies offer a 25% return even when the return is flat! Assume you invested $100, which grew to $200 the following year (100%) and then back to $100. (50 percent ). This simple math may be advertised as (100-50)/2 = 25% annual return.


Surprisingly, a 2009 Morningstar research revealed that roughly 49% of brokers did not invest in the funds they handled! This shows they don’t believe in the product they promote, and that buyers should only listen to a licensed fiduciary. According to the book, 96% of actively managed mutual funds underperform the S&P 500.


Millions of Americans can benefit from 401(k) plans if they are used correctly. With this plan, getting high returns is becoming more and more difficult.

It looks like the easiest way to lose money, but there are a lot of hidden costs, like the base fee, loans registration, communication costs, and loans maintenance. According to Tony, who has tried it out with his employees, this is the best method out there.


TDFs are said to be one of the best ways to make a lot of money, but many don’t work out. Tony found that 62% of people thought they would be able to retire when the fund’s year came around.

As it turns out, this concept isn’t true, and the date you choose is your “goal” retirement date. There should be less risk in your TDFs as you get closer to retirement. Tony demonstrates why TDFs aren’t what they’re made out to be.


Tony brings up an online advertisement saying that annuities are poor investments. There are a lot of different types of annuities out there, and the returns can be different depending on which one you choose and how much you pay for it. Also, he says variable annuities are bad, but it is very important for an investor to have his annuity checked out every year. Once again, Tony says that you should use a financial guardian to protect your money.


“Experts” say that if you want to win big, you have to be willing to risk more. However, this is just another lie from the investing world. Tony talks about strategies like Structured Notes, Market-Linked CDs, and Fixed Indexed Annuities to clear up any confusion. All of these strategies offer high returns while also lowering your risk.


Only by accepting the reality can we achieve prosperity and financial freedom. In order to achieve success, we must separate ourselves from our personal constraints and unite with reality, regardless of the investment we make. Since we’re responsible for our own lives, it’s time to take control of our own destiny.

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Step 3: Make The Game Winnable

In this chapter, Tony talks about how important it is to figure out how much money you need to retire. Tony also says that your number might be much lower than we first think.

It’s not hard to get to that number, but how you invest your money makes a difference. It’s important to think about the type of life you want to lead, as well as the associated expenses.

Even though some of the things on your list may be small, like wanting a small house, he assures you that your bigger goals, like buying a yacht, are also very doable. Even if you’re a little late to the game, you can still win if you use the right strategies.

Step 4: Make The Most Important Investment Of Your Life

Once you’ve taken the decision to invest in index funds and other strategies that compound your cash, you’ve officially begun the game. Focus on your asset allocation at this stage. Once you’ve accumulated a sizable fortune (or are on your way there), the challenge is to keep it that way. Asset allocation is the most essential decision you’ll ever have to make.

Step 5: Create A Lifetime Income Plan

Step 6: Invest Like The 0.001%

Step 7: Just Do It, Enjoy It And Share it

Money Master The Game Book My Review

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite people, and this book is unquestionably well written by him. There is a lot of material packed into this book, as well as a lot of personal tales from people Tony has worked with, as well as a fair deal of mental assistance, similar to what you can find in his previous works. When it comes to being a well-rounded investor, I would put myself right in the middle of the pack.

This book provides a great deal of insight into how buy-and-hold investors can make money over the long term. It’s nearly 600 pages long, and it’s not the kind of book you want to finish in a single weekend reading session.

There’s simply too much information available.  It won’t make you rich overnight, but it will give you the impression that you understand what all of those individuals who handle your money are really doing with it.

How Does “Money Master The Game” differ compared to Other Financial Books?

The main difference between Money Master The Game and other financial books is its unique approach to wealth creation. This book is designed to teach you to build a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding so that you can take the skills learned and use them to achieve your life goals.

The seven-step process for achieving financial freedom is broken down into three key pillars: financial education, saving and investing, and earning.

This is the first book that breaks down the strategies for earning, saving, and investing into these three pillars. It’s also the first book to teach you about each pillar so that you can gain the necessary insight to build a plan that works for you. In addition, Money Master The Game shows you how to set up a long-term plan for your lifetime income that can take you to your retirement.

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How Can You Benefit from the Book Money Master The Game?

When it comes to investing, the old saying that “you get what you pay for” is more than true. If you want to make sure you’re investing in a good way, you need to have a solid investment strategy.

In Money Master, The Game, Tony Robbins, who has decades of experience in the field of investing, reveals the strategies, tactics, and systems that have allowed him to build a net worth of $30 million.

Through his book, you’ll learn how to invest your money, protect your investments, and generate multiple streams of income.  In addition, he includes a seven-step system to help you build a lifetime income plan.

6 Reasons Why You Should Read Money Master The Game Book?

Money Master the Game will teach you how to:

  1. Take control of your money decisions.
  2. Set up a savings and investment plan.
  3. Destroy myths about what it takes to save and invest.
  4. Build a lifetime income plan.
  5. Start thinking like an investor.
  6. Protect yourself against the worst-case scenario.

Where I Can Download Money Master The Game PDF/Ebook/Audiobook/Epub Free?

Master of Finance The Game is a book that has sold over a million copies worldwide and has been highlighted in the New York Times.

Financial planning, investing, saving, and retirement are all covered in this book from a variety of new views and strategies.

It is currently available in many different formats, such as paperback, PDF (e-book), and audiobook.

Because of the length of the book (688 pages), completing it will take a significant amount of time.

Audiobooks are a preferable option for readers who want to finish a book as quickly as possible.

The following are some websites where you can read or listen to the audiobook for free, as well as some related resources. You will also receive an additional two FREE audiobooks as part of this package.


Paid / Free



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