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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream


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June 3rd 2014


Science Fiction, Literary Theory, History & Criticism, Anthologies





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If you are a Terminator Movie fan, then you’ll love the book “I Have No Mouth, I Must Scream PDF“.

It is a well-written science fiction book by Harlan Ellison. Originally it was a short story written in 1967 and later collected and officially published in the same year.

The unique storyline and visionary concept made this book popular with many readers, and it also won the Hugo Award. 

Harlan Ellison – Author Details

Speculative fiction is one of Harlan Jay Ellison’s main literary genres. His literary works include short stories, novellas, essays, comic books, and critiques of cinema, books, etc. Most famously, he edited the science fiction anthology Dangerous Visions.

In 1934, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and died in Los Angeles, California, on June 27, 2018. The father of Harlan Ellison was a jeweler, while the mother was a dentist.

His writing career began in 1955 when he moved to New York. In just two years, he wrote more than one hundred science fiction stories and documents.

During the book’s research phase, Ellison spent several months with an actual gang. Documenting his experiences in Memos from Purgatory (1961), which later became an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1964). 

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Book Characters

Allied Master computer (AM)

Humanity came very close to extinction because of the supercomputer. Inflicting torture on humanity, it seeks retribution on humanity.


A man who entertains Benny with the history of AM. Before becoming apathetic and listless due to AM, Gorrister was once an idealist and pacifist.


He used to be an elegant scientist, but he was changed to a grotesque simian with tremendous genitalia. 


One of the older men convinces the others in the group to embark on a hopeless journey searching for canned food. 


She is the only woman. Her mind was altered by AM allowing her to become desperate for sexual intercourse. 


A young narrator in the group. He claims to be physically and mentally unaffected by AM and believes that the other four envious and hate him. All through the story, he shows delusional and paranoid behavior. 

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Book Summary

This book opens with a horrific image of Gorrister hanging upside down with his throat slit. The reader understands soon enough that AM created the opening image through a supercomputer, AM.

In his narration, Ted describes the situation in greater detail. A supercomputer that has destroyed mankind is torturing five survivors of a nuclear holocaust who are still alive. According to Ted, they’ve lived within the computer for 109 years.

At the beginning of the story, the survivors are hungry and have not eaten anything for the last five days. 

Nimdok is aware of there is a storage of canned food in ice caverns. Nimdok convinced other group members and start their journey to ice caverns. 

Benny lost his vision when he was blinded by AM on the journey to the ice caverns. 

Gorrister describes the story of how allied master computers became sentient after linking with each other. This gradually reveals the story behind how these people became trapped in the computer, being chased and tormented by machines.

In order to make Benny’s body look like a monkey, AM has gradually altered his body and mind. According to Ted, Benny went insane many years ago. 

It seems that Ted is particularly harmed by this experience, and he appears to be changed somewhat when he returns to the group. He believed his fellow survivors hate him.

During their journey, AM creates the giant bird of winds that is monstrous, gigantic. Its flapping wings cause a storm, which makes the group be thrown around and injured.

Ted realizes, AM is entrapped in its own sentience, which is why he keeps playing with them. AM was created by humans with the power to think, but apparently not with the ability to create.

Unlike a human, AM cannot enjoy life, and cannot form relationships as a human can do. As a consequence, the computer seeks revenge against humanity after they torture it.

AM tries multiple ways to kill all five of them. Still, some of them are survived and few are been killed. As you read the book and go through the story, you will find it very interesting and thrilling. 

You can read the complete book to know what happens at the end of the story. It is completely worth reading and Harlan Ellison writing skill makes you absorbed very easily. 

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Book Reviews

The stories of Harlan Ellison never fail to take you by surprise and are filled with dark humor. Many things are twist in ways that are not especially pleasing or “entertaining” in the obvious sense. 


Completed the book within the day. The best piece of literature I’ve read in a while is probably I have no mouth and I must scream. This is the story I have been missing for a long time.


There’s no way to describe how intense and shocking the I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream story really is, it’s one of the darkest, unnerving and upsetting things I’ve ever read. This book also includes a collection of Ellison’s other short stories. Overall a really good book.


In ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’, the reader is taken through an often horrific and uncomfortably brutal story of survival and mental and physical torture. It is easy to recommend to most because of its conciseness, and the best way to appreciate the sheer simplicity of the story is with as little information as possible about it.


I wish I had discovered Harlan Ellison many years ago. Every sentence is a treasure. The popularity of short stories has been astonishing. Enjoy.


That was my first time reading Ellison, and I was stunned. I’m looking forward to reading much more of his Science Fiction books. The writer’s style is brutal, shocking, fast-moving, and chaotic.


Harlan Ellison always makes me feel excited, disgusted and scared the crap out of me. This writer never fails to deliver great reads. I can assure you it wasn’t an exception.


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